Upgrading the M-Audio Delta 44 Windows Driver v5.10.0.5064

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Upgrading the M-Audio Delta 44 Windows Driver v5.10.0.5064

Upgrading the M-Audio Delta 44 Windows Driver v5.10.0.5064

  System Dependencies
  Minimum PowerSDR Version:     1.X.0  
  Applicable Hardware:     SDR-1000  

Content provided by: FlexRadio Systems Engineering

WARNING: FlexRadio Systems development *strongly* recommends that you use the older Delta 44 sound card driver unless there is a significant reason not to do so. The new Delta 44 driver does not allow PowerSDR to control the output levels like the previous driver. This is why you need to make sure that the voltage levels are correct before using it.

The M-Audio Delta-44 Windows sound card driver ( does not work with PowerSDR 1.x if upgraded from a previous version. The steps below should allow the Delta-44 Windows sound card driver ( to work with PowerSDR and the SDR-1000.
  • Before installing the updated M-Audio Delta 44 Windows sound card driver (, place a copy of deltapnl.dll (copied from the \Windows\system32 folder) in the PowerSDR 1.x application directory.
  • Then install the updated Delta-44 sound card driver as per the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Run the Sound card Voltage Output Test to determine the correct sound card output voltage for the Delta 44
  • Recalibrate the PA Power (PA Gain) as per the SDR-1000 Operating Manual, v1.8.0

CAUTION: It has been reported that the AC voltage on the line out port on the Delta 44 changed from the previous value stored in PowerSDR, which can result in the PA being over driven. It is strongly recommend that you test and update the voltage value for the Delta 44 sound card after upgrading the device driver. Refer to page 77 in the SDR-1000 Operating Manual, v1.8.0 for more information and details regarding the proper procedure for running the test procedure. If the sound card voltage values changes from the default value, you MUST run the PA Power calibration (PA Gain) procedure described on page 102 in the SDR-1000 Operating Manual, v1.8.0

NOTE: One potential side effect is that because of updating the D44 driver, the ordering of the audio devices by Windows on your computer that some sound card programs use may change. As an example, the Delta-44 now appears after VAC when looking at the available sound cards in EasyPal. This may require re-selecting the VAC channels used by other external programs.

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PowerSDR Operating Manual, Version 1.8.0

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