DDUtil (Data Decoder Utility)

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DDUtil (Data Decoder Utility)

DDUtil (Data Decoder Utility)

System Dependencies
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Content provided by: FlexRadio Systems Engineering

DDUtil, is a software package which is short for Data Decoder Utility. DDUtil was designed to enhance the operating experience for Flex Radio users by providing advanced connectivity to peripheral equipment not before available.

provides the automation required to decode and present transmit frequency data to select frequency sensitive devices such as linear amplifiers, antenna controllers (SteppIR), antenna tuners, antenna band switchers, etc. DDUtil may be used in a stand-alone mode or with up to four (4) Radio Control Programs (RCP) running simultaneously.

In brief DDUtil will connect to PowerSDR, poll it for transmit frequency data and then furnish it to your RS-232 and/or BCD band switching devices.

For example it will band switch a Yaesu Quadra and PW1 amplifiers, a SteppIR antenna controller and a Palstar AT-Auto tuner all at the same time. If you want to run a radio control program such as HRD or DXLabs or MixW it will change modes and pass all commands from the radio control program to PowerSDR and still provide the passive listener devices frequency data.

For more information, see the DDUtil Wiki page URL below.

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