PowerSDR 1.12.1 - Release Notes

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PowerSDR 1.12.1 - Release Notes

PowerSDR 1.12.1 - Release Notes

System Dependencies
Minimum PowerSDR Version:
Applicable Hardware: All transceivers

Content provided by: FlexRadio Systems Engineering

The following are bug fixes and enhancements included in PowerSDR 1.12.1

Note: For FLEX-5000 users, firmware is required for this release
  1. Prevent MultiRX™ from changing Pan/Gain settings for main RX.
  2. Reverted CWX as display was unintentionally impacted by buffer size change.
  3. Fixed Simple mode antenna bug when switching from 6m with 27 rev RFIO board.
  4. Some secondary keyer issues addressed.
  5. Fixed FLEX-5000 TX frequency not using clock correction.
  6. Fixing bug in tx metering scaling.
  7. Filled in some holes in the XVTR band descriptions.
  8. XVTR Gain Offset works (finally).
  9. [A > B], [A < B], and [A <> B] buttons changed to include AGC and SR modes when RX2 is enabled.
  10. Doubled size of underlying keyboard buffer for CWX.
  11. Fixed RX2 off by CW Pitch if RX1 is in CW mode and RX2 is not (or vice versa).
  12. RX2 Gain and Pan controls now initialized properly to remembered values.
  13. Fixed tooltip on RIT controls.
  14. Changed VAC Gain range to (-40, 40) from (-40, 20).
  15. Caution message regarding duration of two-tone test removed
  16. DIGL and DIGU modes use VAC TX gain control even when VAC is not enabled.
  17. Fixed initialization issues with expert antenna mode.
  18. Merge CAT changes from Test Branch, updated CAT documentation.
  19. Merged fix for DSP Peak checkbox remembering state.
  20. Fixed issue with selecting 60m on RX2 Band.
  21. Fixed DSP Meter Peak checkbox not remembering state.
  22. Fixed RX2 antenna showing incorrectly on startup.
  23. Fixed RX2 display not updating while RX1 transmits in CW.
  24. Removed COMP from the TX Meter list.
  25. Fixed RX1 XVTR setting affecting RX2 Band selection.
  26. Fixed Disable Split on Band Change issues (also now defaults to off position).
  27. Fixed CW Pitch issues with RX2. (Thanks to N6VL)
  28. Changes to fix interaction with firmware v1.2.0.1 with PowerSDR v1.12.0 reflected.
  29. Added code to lighten message load on band changes.
  30. Added additional timing code to calibration methods.
  31. Enabled 6m TX antenna selections for RFIO revs 34+.
  32. Fixed RX2 controls showing up when they shouldn't.
  33. Prevent resizing smaller than minimum size.
  34. Fixed resizing issues when console is minimized.
  35. Replaced missing IF/ZZIF code lost during RX2 update.
  36. Suppress error pop ups during level calibrations to speed things up.
  37. Fixed Band buttons not following button selected color. (Note that when using a FLEX-5000 with RX2 installed, these colors do not change.)
  38. Fixed initial Scope Display value (5000us).
  39. Fixed 6m Antenna selections showing options it shouldn't.
  40. Fixed AGC by band initial settings to match control.
  41. Fixed SDR-1000 Display Level calibration.
  42. Replaced SIOListenerII.cs serial port changes overwritten in 1.12.0.
  43. Fixed zero beat on SDR-1000.
  44. Turn CPDR, DX, TX EQ off when calibrating SDR-1000 PA.
  45. Several Direct IQ fixes (thanks W2RF).
  46. Fixed RX2 Level cal sometimes failing all bands due to possible error due to preamp state.
  47. Added debug messages whenever writing cal data to EEPROM.
  48. Clear previous cal data when calibrating PA bridge/power/swr.
  49. If PA calibration test fails, show failure lines for each target.
  50. Fixed SDR-1000 showing RX2 controls.
  51. Fixed wizard not hiding models when using Previous button.

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