HotWheel - Windows Pointing Device Utility

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HotWheel - Windows Pointing Device Utility

HotWheel - Windows Pointing Device Utility

System Dependencies
Minimum PowerSDR Version:
1. 8.0
Applicable Hardware: All transceivers

Content provided by: Sami, OH2BFO

I have written this small program that is becoming almost useful. (HI HI)

HotWheel enables you to capture mouse wheel and selected keyboard events and send them to any application even when its window doesn't have focus (it's in the background or minimized).

As an example I have created a simple HotWheel configuration for PowerSDR. Most keyboards have a little-used key called Scroll Lock and a corresponding LED indicator. In this example, event capture is disabled when Scroll Lock is off. When Scroll Lock is on, the following events will be sent to PowerSDR:

- mouse wheel roll and click
- ctrl+arrow keys (up/down=tuning, left/right=sets tuning step)
- NumPad 9/3 = Band Up/Down
- NumPad 8/2 = Filter Up/Down
- NumPad 7/1 = Mode Up/Down

The active top window will receive all other mouse and keyboard input, so you can work normally with that application, and simultaneously have some limited control over SDR-1000 without activating the PowerSDR window.

Note 1: Using the NumPad keys usually requires that Num Lock is on as well.

Note 2: The Band/Filter/Mode controls are mapped to keys M/N/B/V/X/Z (PowerSDR default settings). If you have changed these in PowerSDR Setup, the HotWheel configuration file has to be modified accordingly.

If you want to give it a try, you can download the HotWheel program and configuration files using the link below. Written and tested on Windows XP Pro (SP2), but should work with Win2k and later. Please note that this is experimental software: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Unzip the files into some directory and run the .exe file. A small window will open and then disappear after a couple of seconds.

HotWheel is now running in the background consuming only minimal system resources. Simply run the .exe file again if you want to terminate the process.

I will not be describing the configuration file syntax here, because it may change in future versions. And those with a little programming experience can probably figure it out on their own! Most importantly, you will need a list of Windows virtual key codes.

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HotWheel Installation package

PowerSDR 1.x Keyboard Mapping File

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