Ultra Mobile Wireless Software Defined Radio with PowerSDR 1.x

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Ultra Mobile Wireless Software Defined Radio with PowerSDR 1.x

Ultra Mobile Wireless Software Defined Radio with PowerSDR 1.x

System Dependencies
Minimum PowerSDR Version:
Applicable Hardware: SDR-1000 specifically (is applicable to all transceivers)

Content provided by: Beppe, IK3VIG

Note: Although this article is specific to the SDR-1000, the principles are the same except VAC is used to transfer the AF I/O to the computer sound card.

Have you ever wanted to have a QSO using PowerSDR and the SDR-1000 from the garden, living room or any where else in the house for that matter? I have the ultimate setup for operating mobile anywhere in the house except for maybe in the shower HI HI.

By combining a wireless UMPC Samsung Q1 with PowerSDR, a SDR-1000 and a few software tools, I am now pedestrian mobile at my QTH. Below is a picture of the Q1 running PowerSDR in communication with the SDR-1000 connected to my PC.

I use the same principles for remote operation that are documented on the KB and combine it with the Samsung Q1 for the ultimate mobile wireless solution. Below is a diagram of the configuration I am using.

  1. I start with a standard SDR-1000 setup using the Delta-44 sound card. The first thing to do is to connect the audio output (speakers) and the input (microphone) to the PC's internal sound card in order to route the audio to a VoIP program. I use IP-SOUND which can be found at dxzone.com  I used the on board sound card of my PC to route the signals from IP-SOUND running full duplex on both PCs @ 11Khz using PCM
  2. To remotly control the PC running PowerSDR, VNC in a client/server configuration is used.
  3. The wireless bridge connected to the PC is used to communicate between the Samsung Q1 and the host computer.
  4. At this point, from the Samsung Q1 you to establish a VNC session with the host computer and start up IP-SOUND. Then you start PowerSDR. The Samsung Q1 has speakers and mic built in. I receive great audio reports. To control PowerSDR, I use the touch screen and programmable joystick (used for UP/DW tuning and PTT). The touch screen is formidable for DRAG the panadapter, filters, ect...

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