PowerSDR 1.14.0 - Software and Release Notes

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PowerSDR 1.14.0 - Software and Release Notes

PowerSDR 1.14.0 - Software and Release Notes

System Dependencies
Minimum PowerSDR Version:
Applicable Hardware:   All transceivers 

Content provided by: FlexRadio Systems Engineering

The following are bug fixes and enhancements included in PowerSDR 1.14.0

WARNING: For ALL users, this version of PowerSDR contains database schema changes and a new database is REQUIRED for proper operation.  DO NOT IMPORT an existing database into PowerSDR v1.14.0

Note: For FLEX-5000 users, Firewire device driver v3.2.0.1556 is required for firmware
Note: For FLEX-5000 users, firmware is required for this release
  1. Several significant CW keying improvements.
  2. Added range checks for EEPROM read/write functions to improve data integrity.
  3. EEPROM backups are now created on application start up if not already present.
  4. Default AGC-T gain value changed to 110 for 6m to improve sensitivity.
  5. Changed TX Profile setup. Now only 2 profiles show up in selection window initially (Default and Default DX). Additional profiles can be imported from the old defaults by checking the Expert checkbox on the Setup Form -> Transmit tab.
  6. The Leveler State (on/off) is now stored in the TX Profile table.
  7. Added RF gain offset parameter for RX loop when using a preamp.
  8. PanaFall™ and PanaScope™ display modes added when RX2 is not enabled.
  9. VFO A/B TX Control added
  10. Updated memory handling routines in DttSP.dll
  11. New CAT commands for TX/RX buffer control by mode
  12. New CAT command for ALC control
  13. Several RX2 Level Calibration bugs fixed
  14. Fixed a bug where the FLEX-5000 preamp would not behave properly below 2 MHz.
  15. Fix to ensure Quick record is unchecked when closing.
  16. Fixed a bug in the Filter Configuration form where the low cut frequency would change to -160 Hz
  17. Added ANF enable/disable keyboard short cut (CTRL+N)
  18. Support for FLEX-5000 Firmware
  19. Default antenna Lock to on (TX antenna is the same as the RX1 antenna).
  20. Fixed DRM filter display in Panadapter/Waterfall modes.
  21. Selecting DRM for the RX2 mode no longer causes the console to crash.
  22. Fixed problem with 6m still switching to ANT3 even with RFIO rev 34 boards.
  23. Bug in do_tx_meter for ALC is fixed.
  24. Fixed several VFO A Sub frequency issues
  25. Fixed default disable split on band change state to false to match control.

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