PowerSDR 1.16.1 - Software and Release Notes

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PowerSDR 1.16.1 - Software and Release Notes

PowerSDR 1.16.1 - Software and Release Notes

System Dependencies
Minimum PowerSDR Version:
Applicable Hardware:   All transceivers 

Content provided by: FlexRadio Systems Engineering

The following are bug fixes and enhancements included in PowerSDR 1.16.1

WARNING: For ALL users, this version of PowerSDR contains database schema changes and a new database is REQUIRED for proper operation. DO NOT IMPORT an existing database into PowerSDR v1.16.1

NOTE: For all users, the Wisdom file needs to be re-created which is automatically done when you install the new release.  If the Wisdom file is not created during the initial installation/start up of PowerSDR 1.16.1, you should manually re-create the file.  See the KC article How to Rebuild the PowerSDR 1.x Wisdom File for more information.

Note: For FLEX-5000 users, Firewire device driver v3.2.0.1556 is required for firmware

Note: For FLEX-5000 users, firmware is required for this release. Please see the KC article FLEX-5000 Firmware Upgrade Procedure for instructions on how to install this specific version of firmware.

  1. Fixed missing SDR-1000 Preamp selections.
  2. Fixed device name for FireBox on Vista with firmware update (FireBox ASIO instead of PreSonus ASIO).
  3. Added CAT commands ZZRS (RX2 Enable) and ZZVH (I/Q to VAC) for DDUtil support.
  4. Fixed RX2 Level cal failing all bands with beta firmware.
  5. Fix naming issues with Vista + Beta firmware.
  6. fftw 3.2 released. Please run fftw_wisdom.exe again
  7. RX2 Preamp not being put in proper init state.
  8. Fixed RX2 Image calibration.
  9. Fixed RX2 Filter test.
  10. Set temp color thresholds using meaningful data. (<70 green, 70-80 yellow, 80-90 orange, >90 red).
  11. Fixed XVTR image settings not using LO frequency band cal values properly.
  12. Fixed issue with long custom text.
  13. Adjusted RX2 Gen/Bal test targets based on larger pool of functional units.
  14. Changed initial state of TX1/2/3 properties to align with firmware/Antenna form.
  15. Added PSK, CW, and RTTY options to the Group list for memories. Note that creating a new database will be necessary for these options to show up.
  16. Adjusted tolerance of Bias cal.
  17. Added LPF Form.
  18. Fixed VAC TX gain difference between 96 and 192kHz.
  19. Fixed bug with using VHF bands on VFO B using split frequency transmit.
  20. Fixed waterfall issues when selecting waterfall for both RX1 and RX2.
  21. Fixed broken PA Power cal routine.
  22. More timing improvements on checksum branch.
  23. Fixed RX2 Antenna init bug causing path offset not to be set properly on RX2 In.
  24. Disengage VFO Sync if split is activated.
  25. When using Filter Width control in CW/DIGx modes, the center frequency is now kept intact (solution to BugID#1046).
  26. Fixed issue with TX Trace command causing excessive power.
  27. Removed more unnecessary binaries.
  28. Fixed scaling bug with TXOutputSource.
  29. Changed Debug Trace to use TXOutputSource instead of TXInputSource.
  30. Keep EEPROM backup from being hidden (pop under).
  31. Fixed floating point EEPROM debug interface bug.
  32. Added TX Gain production test.
  33. Fixed carrier debug slider not working properly.
  34. Break In now sent to firmware in order to prevent PA Bias from coming on when paddles are touched, but break in is not enabled (Bias would get stuck on).
  35. Fixed TX Output signal source bug for debug purposes.
  36. Added opt out for EEPROM backup for production.
  37. Added range checks for EEPROM read/write functions.
  38. EEPROM backup created on start up if not already present.
  39. Fixed bug that prevented 1.6.0 from working with firmware

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