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PowerSDR Source Code

PowerSDR™ Source Code

  System Dependencies
  Minimum PowerSDR Version:     All versions 
  Applicable Hardware:     N/A 

Content provided by: FlexRadio Systems Engineering

Most of FlexRadio Systems™ PowerSDR™ software is open source and is covered under GNU GPL.  Anyone wishing to use the source code is free to do so as long as you adhere to the terms and conditions of the GPL agreement.  If you plan to use the software source code for commercial purposes, of which you are free to do so, please be aware that the actual name "PowerSDR" (along with various other feature descriptions within the software) is a legally binding trademark of FlexRadio Systems and all trademarks and copyrights must be honored as well.  Also there are components that are restricted by copyright, such as the graphics used in the console presentation or "skins".

People are encouraged to experiment with the PowerSDR software and if you want to contribute your innovations to the maintained PowerSDR application, please contact FlexRadio Systems software development team for

Pre "PowerSDR" Source Code - SDRConsole
The very first version of software used by FlexRadio was called SDRConsole.  It was written in VB and is for the early version of the initial SDR-1000.

This source code can be found on the FlexRadio Systems web site Downloads page.  There is a single archive for the SDRConsole source code and it is very large (~15 MB)  It can be downloaded here.

Early PowerSDR Source Code - all versions up to v1.4.5

All released versions of PowerSDR up to version v1.4.5 were maintained as archived downloads (zip files) on the FlexRadio Systems web site Downloads page. Just do a search for the keyword "source code" and all versions will be displayed.

PowerSDR - v1.6.0 and Above
Starting with PowerSDR v1.6.0, the source code for officially released versions PowerSDR can be obtained directly from FlexRadio Systems by e-mailing a request to gpl@flexradio.com or contacting them directly.

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