FLEX-3000/1500 Microphone Pinout Configuration

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FLEX-3000/1500 Microphone Pinout Configuration

FLEX-3000/1500 Microphone Pinout Configuration

  System Dependencies
  Minimum PowerSDR Version:     N/A
  Applicable Hardware:     FLEX-3000 & FLEX-1500 

Content provided by: FlexRadio Systems Engineering

The FLEX-3000 and FLEX-1500 use a modular 8-pin modular connector or "jack" for interfacing a microphone to the transceiver.  This connector is a modular "8P8C" (8 position/8 contacts) connector.  A corresponding 8P8C plug is needed, commonly referred to as a RJ-45 plug or connector, for connecting a microphone to the FLEX-3000/1500.
  This plug is commonly used for twisted pair Ethernet cabling applications.

The RJ-45 plug has the eight (8) contacts or pins numbered 1 through 8 as shown in the diagram to the right.  The contacts are numbered sequentially starting from 1. When viewed head-on with the retention mechanism (clip) on the top, jacks will have contact number 1 on the right and plugs will have contact 1 on the left.

Below is the contact assignments or "pinouts" for the FLEX-3000/1500 microphone.

 FLEX-3000/1500 Microphone Pinout Configuration
Pin Number
 1  Increase the VFO frequency up by the Tune Step value
 2  Decrease the VFO frequency down by the Tune Step value
 3  Vcc (+5 VDC)
 4  Microphone Ground (mic -)
 5  Microphone In (mic +)
 6  PTT (PTT +)
 7  PTT Ground (PTT -)
 8  Change to the next Tune Step value

The FLEX-3000/1500 uses the same connector pinout as the Yaesu FT897, FT857 and FT817

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