PowerSDR 1.18.3 - Software and Release Notes

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PowerSDR 1.18.3 - Software and Release Notes

PowerSDR 1.18.3 - Software and Release Notes

System Dependencies
Minimum PowerSDR Version: 1.18.3
Applicable Hardware: All transceivers

Content provided by: FlexRadio Systems Engineering

The following are bug fixes and improvements included in PowerSDR 1.18.3. This release is a maintenance release and contains no new features.

IMPORTANT: You must install Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP 1 for this release of PowerSDR

Download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1

Note: For FLEX-5000 and FLEX-3000 users, the FLEX Firewire driver v3.4.2.6300 is recommended for this release.

Note: For FLEX-5000 users, firmware is recommended for this release.

Note: For FLEX-3000 users, firmware is recommended for this release.

  1. Fixed image settings not being restored properly following a load of the EEPROM (primarily after switching radios in production).
  2. Fixed PanaFall cursor time showing 15-30 sec instead of 0-15ish.
  3. Added color controls for RX1/RX2/TX Band button color indicators.
  4. Fixed FLEX-5000 RX2 Ant N/C selection to work properly with firmware v1.3.0.8.
  5. Write checksum issues to log file for troubleshooting analysis.
  6. Fixed bug when defining new XVTR band and manually tuning to that band, then clicking a band button would cause an exception.
  7. Added an additional preamp run state for the FLEX-3000. Pre1 is for 15m and above. Pre2 is for 10 & 6m. The preamp is not that effective below 15 meters and should not be utilized unless the band is very quiet.

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