Voltage and Amperage Requirements for the FLEX-1500

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Voltage and Amperage Requirements for the FLEX-1500

Voltage and Amperage Requirements for the FLEX-1500

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The FLEX-1500 can operate off of direct current (DC) power supplies or battery backs.  Below are the voltage and amperage specifications when operating the FLEX-1500. 

Power Requirements
Receive Amperage @ 13.8 VDC:  Typical 450 ma / maximum 500 ma
Transmit Amperage @ 13.8 VDC: Typical 1500 ma / maximum 2000 ma (full power: 5W nominal CW keydown)

Recommended Operating Voltage: 13.8 VDC
Minimum Operating Voltage:
8.0 VDC (receive) / 11.0 VDC (transmit)
Maximum operating Voltage: 15.2 VDC

NOTE: External power is required when operating the FLEX-1500.  The USB connector can not provide enough  voltage needed to operate the radio.  The radio will not power up if there isn't a 13.8 VDC voltage source supplied to the FLEX-1500.

WARNING: Exceeding 15.2 VDC will damage the FLEX-1500 and void the warranty.  Using a laptop power supply that exceeds 15.2 VDC is not a suitable power source.

Power Supply Requirements

Any power supply using an AC source to produce 13.8 VDC will need to be well regulated and filtered.  The main concern with any power supply is AC ripple.  "Wall-warts" with unregulated or unfiltered power output will NOT be suitable for transmitting.

Fusing Requirements
The FLEX-1500 has an internal 3 amp ATO type fuse on the PA board which provide voltage to the TRX board.  There is a power diode to ground which will deliberately blow this fuse if the power leads to the radio are reversed.  It is recommended that you fuse the VDC input with at least a 3 amp fuse but no higher than 5 amps.

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