How to use the FM Repeater Mode

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How to use the FM Repeater Mode

How to use the FM Repeater Mode

  System Dependencies
  Minimum PowerSDR Version:     2.1.5 
  Applicable Hardware:     All FlexRadio Systems SDRs 

Content provided by: FlexRadio Systems Engineering

With the release of PowerSDR v2.1.5, a repeater operation feature or "repeater mode" has been added that enhances the FM mode of operation. When operating FM, you now have the ability to select Simplex mode, where the RX and TX frequencies are the same, or you may select a positive (+) or negative (-) frequency offset that automatically enables the Repeater Mode. These controls are available from the main console when FM mode has been selected. See the area outlined in red in image below.

PowerSDR v2.1.3 Console in FM Mode

In the image above, you will notice in the red square the FM mode specific controls. The three buttons in a row labeled [-] [Simplex] [+] determines if the radio is operating in FM Repeater mode. The field above these controls, RPTR Offset (MHz) is where you enter the frequency offset for the particular band you are operating. In this example, the radio in in FM Repeater mode with a positive frequency offset of 0.600 MHz.

When transmitting in Repeater Mode, you will see the actual transmit frequency displayed in VFO-A, giving you a visual reference to what frequency you are transmitting on.

In this mode of operation there is no need to set SPLITIf you do set SPLIT to ON, then PowerSDR it taken out of Repeater Mode, the Repeater Mode Offset is no longer being recognized and SPLIT is active, transmitting on the frequency shown in VFO-B.

NOTE:  The Repeater Offset is not set automatically based on the receive frequency, so you must determine the whether or not the offset is positive or negative and the frequency of the offset.

For most cases, the offset band plan in the US for 2 meters follows these guidelines.  Please verify that this band plan is applicable for the repeaters that you plan to work

The offset is ±600 KHz, the deviation is 5 KHz

At 145.000 through 146.999 MHz, as shown on the Panadapter while receiving,the transmit frequency is 600 KHz below the receive frequency; this is a negative offset.
At 147.000 MHz and above, as shown on the Panadapter while receiving, the transmit frequency is 600 KHz above the receive frequency; this is a positive offset.

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