How to Subscribe to the FlexRadio Reflector

How to Subscribe to the FlexRadio Reflector

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The Reflector is an e-mail mailing list where you can submit questions and comments and have them delivered to the thousands of FlexRadio users world wide instantly.  It is also the place to get up to date news about FlexRadio Systems products and software.

FlexRadio Systems encourages you to sign up for our email Reflector.  This is yet another way that we can endorse the idea of customers helping customers.  We want to be clear that this list is not a replacement for our forums, but rather is another way of communicating with FlexRadio staff and customers.

There are daily and weekly digest options if the Reflector traffic begins to overwhelm you. However, if you would rather receive each message individually as they are posted (best for support), we recommend setting up an email filter to look for [Flexradio] in the subject line.  This will enable you to quickly identify messages from the email reflector. If you have any questions about subscribing to the email reflector, please email FlexRadio Support We look forward to bringing you even better service and support with your help.

To sign up for the Reflector, use the link below:

NOTE: The e-mail address you sign up with to create your Reflector account must be the same one you use to submit Reflector postings.  If not, the reflector will reject your post. This is a security mechanism to reduce the possibility of unwanted SPAM.

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