How to Rebuild the PowerSDR Wisdom File?

How to Rebuild the PowerSDR Wisdom File?

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PowerSDR uses a software library, FFTW to provide the Fastest Fourier Transform functions needed to run your software defined radio. It is used with the DttSP.dll file to optimize the FFT operations.

There is a small program included in the PowerSDR distribution named fttw_wisdom.exe that is a "helper program" which runs FTT tests on your computer to determine the fastest FFTW routine for your system. It stores the result in a wisdom file in your application directory (c:\Program Files\FlexRadio Systems\PowerSDR vA.B.C, where A.B.C is the version number such as 1.10.3). See the example below.

When changes are made to the FFTW software library, it may be necessary to recreate the wisdom file in order to re-optimize your system.

NOTE: This is not required for new installations of PowerSDR. When a new version of PowerSDR is installed, there is no wisdom file by default and one will be automatically created the first time you run the newly installed version of PowerSDR. You should only have to do this operation manually if you regularly use alpha versions of PowerSDR downloaded from SVN and it will instruct you to recreate the wisdom file in the SVN release log notes. The only other time you may want to do this procedure is when you change or upgrade your sound card (for the SDR-1000 only) or upgrade the processor (CPU) and/or RAM in your computer.

Rebuilding the wisdom file is easy.

Just close down PowerSDR, delete the wisdom file from the PowerSDR application directory and restart PowerSDR.

When PowerSDR starts, it will look for the wisdom file. If it can't find one, then it executes the fttw_wisdom.exe program and a new wisdom file is automatically recreated. Below is a screen shot of fttw_wisdom.exe creating a new wisdom file.

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