How to Report Software Bugs for FlexRadio Systems' Products

How to Report Software Bugs for FlexRadio Systems' Products

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We have recently deployed the FlexRadio HelpDesk ( ), which is a web based incident ticketing and tracking system that allows our support staff to service requests for technical assistance in a more user interactive and efficient manner. By utilizing a web based support "portal", you can manage and track your service requests for support more easily. It only makes sense to properly triage support issues using the HelpDesk process and escalate your issues to the level of software defects once they have been thoroughly vetted by our technical support staff.

Therefore going forward, if you suspect that you have uncovered a software defect or "bug", all you need to do is access the FlexRadio HelpDesk at anytime and submit a request for support by selecting the Ticket Type of "Support - Amateur Products" . This includes nights, weekends and holidays when we are not available to answer your support requests by phone or direct e-mail.

If you are a first time user of the FlexRadio HelpDesk, then you must create a login for yourself so that we can properly receive your correspondences via e-mail. Just click on the Sign Up link ( ) in the top right hand corner of the page to get started.

When creating your HelpDesk account, please include your full name , a valid non-redirected e-mail address ( alias e-mail accounts like will not work ), enter the security words in the appropriate box and then click on the Sign Me Up button. Once you complete creating your HelpDesk account, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you to validate your account. It is import that you reply back promptly so we can verify your e-mail account. Failure to do this will result in delays getting support from FlexRadio.

If you are a previous user of the FlexRadio HelpDesk , just login using the Login link ( ) at the top right hand corner of the FlexRadio HelpDesk web page before submitting your HelpDesk request for support.

As with any support request, please add an informative, but short description of your issue in the Subject line. Provide a more comprehensive description of your issue by providing a detailed description of what it is and the steps taken to create and/or reproduce the issue in the Description dialog box. The more detailed information you can initially provide the shorter the time to issue resolution or determining it is a software defect. Please do not list several different problems in one support ticket. This will result in the technical support engineer having to divide out the different issues into separate HelpDesk tickets, causing additional delays getting your initial issue addressed.

Once your FlexRadio HelpDesk ticket has been submitted, you will receive an incident or "case" number that is unique to your support request and it will be assigned to a support engineer who will contact you once they have taken ownership your support ticket.

If in the course of working with you on your support request it is determined that your issue is actually a software defect, then the support engineer will be responsible for converting your support request into a software defect and submitting your incident information to the Engineering staff for further analysis.

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