VSIPL - Vector Signal Image Processing Library

VSIPL - Vector Signal Image Processing Library

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One of the best open source packages ever developed for scientific computing is FFTW. The software package/API won the prestigious Wilkinson prize for numerical computing in 1999. The home page for FFTW is http://www.fftw.org

We have compiled the latest version using both Microsoft Visual Studio 6^tm and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003™.

Our versions and Microsoft Windows Visual Studio™ files are released under the GPL license as published elsewhere on this site. The source and project and solutions files, as well as release versions of several libraries with test functions are in the zip file below.

We are also beginning to develop with an outstanding package of signal, vector, and image processing routines that is free open source and which we hope will replace Intel SPL. See the blurb we have included below from the project web site. In the dynamically linked libraries, they are exported using a C class. The project web page is http://www.vsipl.org/ .

VSIPL™ stands for the Vector Signal Image Processing Library. It is an application programming interface (API) defined by an open standard developed by embedded signal and image processing hardware and software vendors, academia, application developers, and government labs. A number of hardware and software vendors have developed VSIPL products, and it is being increasingly used by developers who desire a highly efficient and portable computational middleware for signal and image processing applications.

We have gotten the distribution TASP VSIPL C Plus Plus done by R. Judd (found at http://www.vsipl.org/software) to compile and run using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003™. Our versions and the Microsoft Windows Visual Studio .NET 2003™ solution and project files are included as well as static, dynamically linked with and without fftw versions inVSIPL. Contact Bob McGwier, n4hy@arrl.org for further information, bugs fixes, and suggestions or comments on these packages.

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