What is WSJT?

What is WSJT?

  System Dependencies
  Minimum PowerSDR Version:     1.8.0  
  Applicable Hardware:     All transceivers 

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WSJT is a computer program used for weak-signal radio communication between amateur radio operators. The program was initially written by Joe Taylor, K1JT, but is now open source software and is developed by a small team licensed under the GNU General Public License. The digital signal processing techniques using state of the art digital techniques in WSJT make it substantially easier for amateur radio operators to employ esoteric propagation modes, such as high speed meteor scatter.  JT65, is particularly optimized for amateur EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) communications.

FlexRadio Systems software defined radios are ideally suited for use with WSJT due to their high dynamic range, quiet receivers and the ability to use Virtual Audio Cables (VAC) to transfer the audio to and from WSJT entirely in the digital domain without having to use a PC sound card or an external audio interface.

For additional information regarding the installation and initial setup of WSJT, please see The Complete Bozo's Guide to HF JT65A (a work in progress) by Andy K3UK.  This is a very comprehensive, well written and humorous guide for setting up WSJT for HF using the JT65A mode of operation. 

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